Friday, April 29, 2011

Royal Wedding Tears.

Here is how you can know {for sure} that I am a huge nerd: 
When I see large crowds of people celebrating, I get a little teary-eyed tend to weep. 

This is especially pronounced at events like graduations and weddings, but has also been known to happen at sporting events when listening to the Star-Spangled Banner.

And when happy people sing hymns such as they are doing on the re-broadcast of the Royal Wedding--forget it.  I am a sappy mess.  Oh, and now there are violins!  Are they trying to do me in?

Good thing that I didn't get up to watch the wedding live.  My strange crying habit--paired with fatigue--might have resulted in enough tears to flood our home.

I thought the wedding was lovely.  The singing, the message, the hats, the wedding dress (!!!)--just lovely! 

Thank you, England, for the nice celebration.  I thoroughly enjoyed it while unloading groceries and tidying up my kitchen!  Now then.  Where are my tissues?


  1. Oh, I missed it! I'm sure I'll catch a rerun or at least see photos. Love the one you put up...very pretty!
    I'm the same way...I get very emotional at events like at that. I can't listen to pomp and circumstance without crying!

  2. I am definitely a cryer too. Cried through MY entire wedding. I balled like a baby in my high school graduation receiving line. I cry through funerals, even if I didn't know the person very well. I cry if I see someone else crying. Yeah. I'm a tissue carrying sap.

  3. Thanks Destiny & Jemm for letting me know that I'm not the only one! My husband just shakes his head at me!