Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Healthy Living 101.

Here are a few things that I really, really like: 


Here are some things that I do not like:

Can you guess my dilemma? 

Hello Weight Watchers Online.  AGAIN.
Today is my Grand Re-Opening (Forget-that-I've-tried-this-two-dozen-times-before) Start Date!

Watch me lose a million pounds with Jennifer Hudson!  : )  Join in!  It will be fun.  really.

Seriously, I'm feeling really motivated and I've actually read the articles and information on WW Online so I'm already 150% further along than I ever have been before.  I've learned the hard way that simply joining WW and paying a weekly fee doesn't actually result in weight loss.  : ) 

Terribly unfair, isn't it?

1 comment:

  1. Oh my goodness...I'm so addicted to Dr. Pepper right now! Being on vacation is so hard...I've totally put WW on hold! I've got to get back on it when we get back. I'm sure I've gained back every pound I had lost!
    Good luck to you!