Monday, April 18, 2011

Corners of Our Home.

Hello!  I'm having a bit of a freak-out over how cluttered my house is at the moment.  It feels like Star Wars figures and Legos are threatening to take over, but I can't actually blame all of the clutter on C.  I've got my share of stuff laying around and I'm not feeling terribly motivated to do anything about it.  Any minute now (er, 15 minutes before J is supposed to get home) we'll do some straightening.

I thought that I would take a few minutes to show some of the things that aren't driving me crazy right now and, of course, that just happens to take me to the room that gets used the least:  The Guest Room/Office/Craft Room.  Don't let its busy name full you--It's mostly just a storage space for all of the things that don't have a home elsewhere.  It's also the most "girly" space in our home.  So...without further ado:

A memento from our wedding, chalk art painted by C, and Sally "adoring" her Linus

A thrifted floral picture.  It has a non-identical twin that lives right above it on the wall

Miscellaneous pretties on a top shelf

A bit of my fabric "stash"

Phil the Plant crying out for water!

Is there anything better than a shelf full of crafty inspiration?
 Just a few of the things bringing a smile to my face on this gloomy Monday.  I'm off to see if a little afternoon tea will inspire me to tidy up and plan dinner.  Wish me luck!

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