Friday, April 15, 2011

Ruby Red Slippers.

While waiting for paint to dry one day, I happened upon a lovely blog called:   In one picture, the author is wearing a pair of shoes that make me smile...

I don't know exactly why, but I have always l-o-v-e-d red shoes.  Legend has it that I acquired this trait from my Great-Grandma Dessie.  She was hip like that (for a granny!).

So, anyway, I did what any red-shoe-loving woman would do:  I googled "red clogs" to see if I could find the ruby red cuties.  I didn't find that particular pair of shoes, but I did find these and I'll take one of each, please. Well, two of each would probably work better, right?
~Top left:  Ara Abigail ($144), Top Right:  Clarks Patty Argentina ($60), Bottom left:  Springstep Dawn ($70), and Bottom right:  Hush Puppies ($80)~

~Top left: Finn Comfort Sansibar ($205), Top Right: Klogs USA ($76), Bottom left: Dansko ($130), and Bottom right: Converse ($45)~

While not technically red, the tan stitched Dansko clogs made the cut because they are just too cute to pass up!  And the Converse--I've been wanting these since I was 20.  Now that I'm closing in on 40, I'm thinking that perhaps that ship has sailed?

Oh! Red shoes, I love you so...

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