Monday, December 20, 2010

Still can't decide...

Here is a Christmas pillow I made for C's preschool teacher, Ms. Lynda (and a lovely view of my ironing board cover).  I'm afraid I love it too much to give it away. 

That's not really the spirit of Christmas, is it?

Jason said that we should just give her the dollar store Christmas salt and pepper shakers that C picked out.  (Note:  For the record, I think that Ms. Lynda is going to totally love the salt and pepper shakers.  I just wanted to give her a little something extra.)

C (from the back seat) chimed in with, "He's got a point, Mom."

They are not helping!

What to do?

Friday, December 10, 2010

Crafty Christmas Panic!!!


The crafty crisis was averted and, yesterday, I found my crafty stride.

But then last night, the panic set in and I started thinking that perhaps I should just try to get this crop of gifts ready for next Christmas since there is no way I'll be ready for this one!!!

Ugh!  Must push through the panic.  I can do it.  I can make gifts for every single person I've ever met (and a few I haven't) while also:
  1. Taking care of the Kid-who-refuses-to-recover-from-the-sick-bug.
  2. Entertaining the plumber this morning while he (God willing) fixes our kitchen sink.
  3. Responding to frantic email messages and phone calls from college students who waited until the very last day of the semester to start the individual project that comprises 25% of their grade.
  4. Grading a week's worth of assignments (for 98 students).
  5. Computing final grades (for 98 students).
  6. Assisting with a preschool party the same day that final grades are due (for 98 students).
  7. Preparing for my parent's visit (because they are SO hard to deal with).  (TeeHee--Just kidding)
I'm sure there's more, but the sad part is that I can't even remember what it might be.  I know that I'm not alone in my busy-ness or panic.  I'm sure that others out there must have lists three times as long as mine. 

I just know that I had better get off here and get busy because I just thought of three other things to add to my list and the heart palpitations are beginning!

Have a terrfic (and calm) day!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Crafty Christmas Crisis

I had big plans.  Oh, yes I did.
I was going to make a Christmas gift for every single person I have ever met--and maybe even a few that I haven't.
I was going to be awesomely productive and, in the end, everyone would have been incredibly wowed--and dare I say inspired--by the beauty of my craftiness.


I've lost my crafty mojo. 
It's gone. 
Mojo has left the building.


I'm hoping that my mojo just went outside for some fresh air because if it doesn't make a reappearance every single person I have ever met --and maybe even a few that I haven't--are getting construction paper Christmas tree ornaments with a modest amount of glitter bedazzling and preschooler-designed marker work.  (Man, I hope I spelled bedazzling right.)

Do you think that the act of buying more craft supplies will bring the mojo back?  What should I buy?