Tuesday, June 21, 2011


It may surprise you to know that this post (this one right here) is my 100th post on this blog.  That's a lot of rambling and not-so-hot photographs, isn't it?  Lately, I've been trying to figure out what direction to take with this blog. 

Should it be more crafty?  Should I focus on decorating? 

Should it be the manifesto of a slightly crazy work-at-home-mom who could stand to lose some significant poundage?

Should I just come clean and tell you that "our happy little home" isn't always happy and that my husband and son frequently drive me crazy (though I'm sure they never tire of me!) and that I have a dog that makes me scream (and contemplate homicide) at least 12 times each day and that I have no idea where my life is headed? 

I used to think that I wanted to sell my crafts online and that a blog would be a good way to connect with people as part of that goal.  I felt like I wanted this blog to focus on only the pretty and the happy parts of my life. 

But more and more lately, I just want to talk about bits of everyday life like...
  • how great it is to sit outside and watch my son run through the sprinklers.
  • how frustrating it can be to parent a six-year-old boy.
  • how I can't wait to see my first lightening bugs of the summer.
  • how tired I am of being so broke all the time
  • how proud I am that we have (mostly) stuck to our budget this month.
  • how I really need to find another job when my son goes to kindergarten this fall
  • how I really don't want to find another job when my son goes to kindergarten this fall.
  • how I feel like I am constantly struggling to find a balance between happy and crazy.
  • how I still struggle with what the heck to make for dinner each and every single night!
  • how I am just trying to figure out what on earth I should be doing with my life...
You know.  That kind of stuff.  The chunky and the smooth.  With a sprinkle of crafting and a dash of decorating. 

What do you think?  Should I just stick to the pretty and happy or is reality okay too?


  1. I vote for reality-you feel like a friend or sister, struggling with many of the same issues that I am! Just sprinkle your blog with a bit of everything including real life...Love it!
    Have a great day!

  2. Reality rocks! You will always have stuff to talk about. I feel the same way as you do on a lot of the points you listed, except dinner, as I live alone so not an issue. xo,

  3. REAL. LIFE. We all live it. We all experience it in different ways. Personally, I enjoy reading what some consider 'the mundane'. What is boring and everyday to some is actually very interesting to others!

    My blog has no theme, no specific direction. I used to fret over that and wonder if I needed to 'specialize', so to speak. Then I decided that I really do have a category after all. It's called 'SLICE OF LIFE'. And it makes me happy. :)

  4. Thank you all! Reality it is!