Friday, April 8, 2011

Design Dilemmas.

I have an issue. If you've read any of my other posts, you're probably thinking that I have a lot of issues!   Today's issue is this: I can't decide on my style.

I've been through many style stages. In my teens, I fell in love with Victoria magazine and dreamed of living in a Queen Anne mansion. I could just imagine myself wearing a lacy white dress while serving tea cakes between rounds of croquet on the west lawn.
In college, I had a preppy stage. I was mad for plaids, paisleys, and tweeds. My dream home would have been designed by Ralph Lauren. I thought that life would be great if I could curl up in my plaid comforter after riding horses all day in a meadow! Never mind that I've only been on one horse in my entire life and he was so old he could barely make it up a small incline without assistance.

Next came graduate school and living alone for the first time. I was definitely in "cottage" mode at this stage of my style development. Lots of pinks and greens, large floral prints, and pine furniture. I still have a soft spot for this type of cottage design, but it doesn't seem to fit my lifestyle now that I live with two boys.

 When my husband and I "set up housekeeping" together, I did my best to beautify our surroundings. This was made difficult by the fact that we were living in my brother-in-law's house. J and his brother lived together until I came along and then brother moved out and I moved in. J and I continued to rent the place for a couple of years and during that time, I didn't feel comfortable making big changes. I also had a huge desire to buy our own house so our little rental home always felt very temporary to me.

Almost eight years ago, we moved into our current home.  I channeled Rainbow Bright and painted almost every room a different color.  Our living room was yellow.  The kitchen was red.  The guest bath was blue.  Our bedroom was green.  Our guest room was orange (though I was really trying for terra cotta).  What can I say?  After living in off-white rental homes for years, I was ready for color.

Now, I'm ready for a calmer color scheme.  We're painting all of the living areas in Sherwin Williams' Ecru (#6135).  Our furniture is decidedly country in feel and I still really like it, but I'm looking around my freshly painted living room and I'm thinking that I want to add in more traditional and (gasp) even a few contemporary items. 

Am I experiencing another style transition? 
How do I incorporate all of the things I love into one cohesive style?
I wonder how Emily would label my style during a "style diagnostic." 
Unhip-country-antique-mismash with a hint of transitional-traditional-contemporary-cottage. 
Too specific (Ha!)

I think that it is time to pull all of my knick knacks out of the closets and garage.
I think it's time to make some decisions and just get 'er done.
I think it's time...if only I can find the time!

Wish me luck...

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