Sunday, April 10, 2011

Old Mizzou.

I was feeling crafty this weekend so I engaged in more patch mania! 

Hmmm...Looks better in real life.  As I worked on this one, I found myself humming this:

"Fight, Tigers, fight for Old Mizzou,

Right behind you, everyone is with you,
Break the line and follow down the field,
And you'll be, on the top, upon the top;
Fight, Tigers, you will always win,
Proudly keep the colors flying skyward,
In the end we'll win the victory,
So Tigers, fight for Old Mizzou!"

I had to memorize that for my sorority a million years ago!


I made five other "pieces" as well.  One stinks, but I'm really excited about the other four.  I'm still deciding how I want to frame them.
Time to clear the kitchen table (a serious chore!) and make dinner.

Have a great week...

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