Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Sew Happy.

We are 45 minutes away from soccer practice, my house is a mess (again), but I am feeling pretty darn happy because I just finished making something and I really, really like it.

This is one of those things that has been done to death--a fad that has come and gone, but that's okay.  I tend to be on the slow boat when it comes to most fads.  My goodness, I've had an Ipod for three years and--yesterday--for the first time--I downloaded itunes for it.  I'm slow.  What can I say? 

This has been too much build-up for my little item, but here it is anyway:  My very first Tissue Pack Cover!

Little and cute!

I think the part I'm most happy with is the quilting.  It's something I haven't done much and, though it is far from perfect, it worked out pretty much how I wanted it to.  Here's a close up:

and the inside of the pack has red polka dots like the trim:

So, there you have it.  A fun little project with a happy ending.  I think I'll take it to soccer practice because I'm sure to get the sniffles in the pollen-filled park!

P.S.  I used a tutorial from Alderwood Quilts for this project.


  1. I love the cheery fabric on the tissue holder. You can probably whip one up for your ipod also:)

  2. I love the quilting and fabric. I need a nook cover, but haven't started anything. You are really expanding. Send it to the shop!

  3. Great fabric!! My friend made me one of these and I love it! Good job!!