Monday, April 11, 2011

Art with my Boy.

Today, C and I made art together.  He lost interest after about five minutes, but I was pretty excited that he even wanted to give it a whirl.  Crafting is not usually his activity of choice.  So what did we make, you ask?

Calico cats.
Collage calico cats.

Collage was my idea.  Cats were C's.

I think I'll do some searching for summer art activities that we can do together.  I feel inspired to find many different activities because I think I'll lose my mind if every day is filled with Star Wars play.  I've just about had my fill of droids and jedi knights and sith lords and bounty hunters...I'm glad that he loves it, but oh my!  Give me a different topic, please!


  1. Those are very cute! How old is he? My daughter came home from a sleepover with a composition book that they mod podged with torn pieces of scrapbook papers and her name with letter stickers. It is so cute and simple.

  2. Jemm: My son is five and he is a lot of fun. I like the composition book idea that you describe. He would really love that if I could find some Star Wars paper (ha!). I'm in a bit of a paper phase lately. I love fabric, sewing, and embroidery, but playing with paper is very satisfying, too.