Monday, May 2, 2011

Good Morning Monday.


You know that old song that says rainy days and Mondays always get me down?  Well, today is rainy and it's Monday so I'm having a bit of a struggle. 
Where are you sunshine???  Don't you want to be friends anymore?

Moving on. 
  • We had a nice weekend.  The rain cleared a bit and C was able to complete his second soccer game of the season.  For those of you keeping score at home, that means that we have completed 2 out of 5 games.
  • We went to "town" after his game and I was able to shop for fabric and other crafting supplies with only minor/major grumbling from my boys.  I have learned that when you live 40 minutes from any major shopping venues, it is best to (A) Go alone; or (B) Strategically plan your shopping attack to minimize boy grumbling and maximize your cute fabric to stop ratio. If you know what I mean.

    In case you are wondering, here is my Grumble Rating Scale
    • No Grumbling:  Occurs only when I go shopping by myself
    • Minor Grumbling:  Generally occurs when I suggest a stop (e.g., Target) that holds some interest to J and C (such as toys or electronics), but that wouldn't have been on their list if I wasn't shopping with them.
    • Minor/Major Grumbling:  This weekend provides a good example--I spent 20 minutes in Joann's while they waited in the car.  By the time I had finished, J was convinced that I had been in the store for at least 60 minutes and C announced that he was ready to go home.
    • Major Grumbling:  Often occurs when one or both is hungry, it's the Christmas shopping season, and/or I require some type of assistance in my shopping plans (e.g., Can you help me carry this?)
    • Major/Major Grumbling:  May occur when C is forced to spend time in a fabric store and/or J is asked his opinion about something I am considering for our house.  This is to be avoided as much as possible!
  • I'm (mostly) kidding.  J and C are usually pretty nice and patient about my "stops" and I return the favor by waiting patiently for them as they explore places filled with comic books, video games, and Star Wars figures. 
What's on the agenda for this week?  Sewing, paper-crafting, teaching, and cleaning.  Oh--and frolicking in whatever sun I can find!

Come on out sun!  I'm ready to frolic!

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