Friday, June 27, 2014

Dental Guilt.

Someday, when Connor is grown, I hope that he remembers that we always required him to brush his teeth twice a day.  Every day.  {Even though his grandparents sometimes failed to follow this particular directive}

And that we sometimes brushed his teeth for him when they were looking particularly fuzzy.

And we purchased fresh toothbrushes {cool ones, even} as needed.  We lovingly replenished his toothpaste supply even though 75% of it was wasted when he wiped it off his toothbrush into the sink.  And left it there.

I hope that he'll know that we cared deeply about his oral hygiene.

And, most of all, I hope that he'll understand that the reason we dragged him {kicking and/or screaming} to the dentist every 12 months was because we loved him.  And only wanted the best for him.

And I sincerely pray that the fact that I, his mother, fail to make the appropriate number of dental appointments each and every year AND lovingly refuse to floss his teeth for him, will not result in any long-term dental distress.  

Good news, though:  No cavities at today's visit!  Maybe there is hope for us yet.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

A Reintroduction of Sorts.

Well, hello.
I haven't been HERE in a while.  I'm off work {from one job, at least} for the summer and I've had a lot more time to read and enjoy blogs.  

Kind of makes me want to start one of my own.  Oh wait.  I already did.  Years ago.  

I just abandoned it when life got crazy!

Sorry, little blog.  

I'm thinking of giving it another go.  Writing in this little space sounds like a lot more fun than the list of things I have to do today:  Mow the back yard before it gets too hot or rains; go to the dreaded Walmart; lose {again} to Connor on his newly created Zelda board game; and/or deep clean the house so that it's not gross for our visitors on Saturday.

Or shower.
Or laundry.
Or grade 74 assignments.

So let's see...where to start?

My name is Tricia.
I'm 42.
I'm married to Jason and we have a son named Connor.
He's turning 9 on Saturday.  It's so hard to believe that this will be his last year in single digits!

I'm a school psychologist for a small school district in Missouri.
I also teach online Child Psychology classes for a local community college.

I dream of waking up one day with some crazy {amazing} artistic talent that would allow me to make a living off of my creations while also raising a wonderful kid, keeping up on the housework, and learning to cook.

Or, you know, winning the lottery would also be okay.

In the meantime, I just try to make it through the day without losing my temper, cursing in front of Connor, and / or pulling out my hair.  

Welcome to Our Happy Little Home.  Again. 

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Have a Sweet Night.

Some nights it feels like bedtime will never arrive.

Some nights it feels like I can't stand one.more.minute. of noise.

Some nights I dread all of the work I have to do once Connor finally (finally = 8pm) goes to bed.


Every night, I have to smile just a little bit when I hear Jason say what he always says to Connor at bedtime:

"Have a sweet night."  Not a good night.  Not sweet dreams.

Have a sweet night.

One of my favorite things.  Truly.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Back to School

Today was our first day back from spring break.
I could not be more tired.

On the up side...Connor enjoyed the first grade jokes that accompany April Fool's Day.
Did you know that your shoe is untied???

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Easter Day

Connor left a very nice picture for the Easter Bunny.  : )

Parents were awakened too early.
Rain turned to sunshine.
Roast beast (Ham) was eaten with Grammie and Grampie.
Connor enjoyed scooter and soccer and strawberry "moose."
A very good day indeed. 

P.S.  We have enough candy to last us until Halloween.  How will I ever stay out of it?


Saturday, March 30, 2013

March 2013

It has been a long time since I've posted anything here, but I'm feeling inspired to get started again.  If nothing else, I would like to document a bit of what is happening for Connor's sake.

Last week was spring break for Connor and me.  We Grampie Jack did a couple of projects around our house. He put two hanging rods in Connor's closet, making it much easier to reach things.  So much easier that even Connor can find his clothes!  It's a miracle!!!  Another project was replacing wire shelves with wooden shelves in our master bathroom.  Huge difference!  Too bad I didn't get the rest of the room painted over the break, but it will happen soon.  I swear.

Connor spent the night with both sets of grandparents over the break.  Jason and I had very romantic date nights (e.g., going to the laundry mat to wash dog blankets, visiting our local Walmart, and falling asleep at 7:30 pm).  Pretty pathetic, but our little town doesn't offer many date night options.

The rest of spring break was spent puttering.  I read a book and did some stitching.  Connor played Mine Craft and Mario games.  We enjoyed sleeping in until 7am and I'll admit, there were a couple of "pajama days" during the week.  Good times had by all.  Except Jason.  Because he was working.  His spring break was two weeks ago and he got to spend it all by himself!

Tomorrow is Easter and rumor has it that the bunny has already visited Grandma Jo and Grandpa Jack's house.  We're going there this afternoon to see what is up.  It's gloomy and wet so I'm hoping that the bunny hid his eggs inside.  Does that make me a wimp?  

At least it's not snowing!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Working 9 to 5...

Actually, it's more like 8:30 to 4:30, but I'm doing it.  Oh yes I am.

I've been sitting here, catching up on my blog reading and I was suddenly bitten by the the "why don't you write a post of your own, you lazy woman?" bug.

In April, I finally  received my certification as a school psychologist. 
In May, I interviewed and accepted a job as a school psychologist.
June and July were spent preparing myself and family for the upcoming changes to our lives (and occasionally freaking out).
And August 1st, I started my new job.


Did you catch that?  Trying to sum up how I feel about the job, the schedule, the incessant fatigue--that's hard.  I can say this: 
  • I've had one paycheck so far and I don't hate it. 
  • Fatigue is cumulative.  I start out feeling pretty good on Monday, but by Friday I'm driven to tears by the fact that I have to wash my face and brush my teeth before falling into bed at nine.
  • It's really irritating when you send an email to someone and they never respond.  Do you send another?  Will that be interpreted as pestering?  What if you really need a response?  Should you contact someone else?  How will that be construed?  It really drives me crazy.  And the worst part is, I'm sure I'm guilty of the same thing because we all get busy and forget sometimes, don't we?
  • My crockpot is my friend, but I still found myself at Walmart at 5:30 last night buying things to go along with what was cooking in my crockpot. 
  • I've been doing my grocery shopping on Sunday, but we keep running out of food by Thursday.  Yesterday Jason had to take one boiled egg, a yogurt, and a package of Goldfish crackers for lunch.  I bought Subway for myself.  Connor, luckily, has been buying his lunch at school for the last week and a half, but yesterday he brought home the lunch calendar for September and I see several days when I'll have to send lunch for him.
  • Making lunches might just be my least favorite part of this process.  It's not a new thing.  I had to send lunches for Jason and Connor last year, too, but the idea that it's one more thing that I have to manage every morning is a bit much.
  • Our dogs bark all the time.  We've been leaving them outside and I'm fairly convinced that they spend their entire day barking and barking and driving out neighbors insane.  Would anyone like two new {old} dogs???
  • Connor has been going to an after-school program and he really seems to like it.  This is a huge relief to me!!!
  • Connor came home last night in a super grumpy mood--you know the kind they have right before they come down with a cold or flu?  This is a huge stressor for me!!!
I hear the sounds of DS-playing coming down the hall so I'm off to check the health status of my little one.  Here's hoping that he's slept off any sick bugs!!!