Friday, April 1, 2011

Bird Babies.

I should be cleaning my house for "company," but I can't stop waiting & watching for the eagle babies to be born.  I did a search to see what these babies might look like should they decide to hatch and I found some "cute" photos, but then I saw this:
I knew that it was the right picture for this post because when I think "American Eagle," I always picture it next to Dolly Parton dressed as Daniel Boone!  (Ha!)

Yes, I should be cleaning, but I would be really disappointed if I missed the big moment because I was busy dusting the living room--or worse--cleaning the bathroom!

No, I'd better stay right here.
Maybe have a snack.
Perhaps a little nap.
The chirps will wake me, right?

Do baby eagles chirp or squawk?

I've had the birds on for over three hours now and I'm getting a little tired of waiting...

Maybe that Mama Eagle needs to get up and walk around a little?
Bounce on an exercise ball for a bit?

How about a dose of Pitocin?

Note to self:  Get life. 
As soon as bird babies are born.


  1. I saw another blog that posted about this too! I'll have to go over and get the link. I don't know if my internet is fast enough though, but I'll give it a try!

  2. thanks for your comment on my blog today! I haven't heard of these baby birds but I'm going to check it out--sounds interesting!
    Just looking through the first page of your blog I realize how much we have in common! I have that same globe! I bought it on sale somewhere because I love seeing people decorate with them. I thought the plastic to be a little odd too! Right now it's in my son's room.
    I also do ww online AND I've been painting...never thought about counting it as activity points but you are right--it's a workout!
    anyway...enjoying your blog--love your writing! Come back and visit anytime!!

  3. Welcome Destiny! It does sound like we have a lot in common. Thank you for commenting!