Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I wonder.

Why are all of the really good foods bad for us?

Why doesn't my six-year-old sleep through the night?

When did I lose the ability to make a really good cup of coffee?

Why does it seem like the number of violent crimes has suddenly sky-rocketed?  Is it the heat?

What is up with our government?  I'm sure that everything is far more complicated than I care to know, but really--can't these highly educated and experienced people reach some type of compromise?

When did "compromise" become a dirty word?

Where did all of the cute shoes go?

Should I color my hair?

Whatever happened to Bill Pullman?

Will our power hold out for the day?  It's supposed to be 100 here today and we had power surges this morning @ eight.

Stay cool!


  1. Tricia, this post struck a few chords with me, too. Fat and sugar and salt are tastemakers, your 6 yr. old has boundless energy. Give him some warm milk before bedtime (but hold the cookie unless is is very low sugar). I seem to always enjoy everyone else's coffee but my own. Recently switched from Folger's to Maxwell House, and am liking it better. The crime rate is a fallout from the bad economy, I hope your power holds up, I hope the government straightens up, and I loved Bill Pullman in "While You Were Sleeping"! I am going to google him right now! xo,

  2. "While You Were Sleeping" is one of my top three favorite movies! Thanks for your comment!!

  3. I wonder the same things!! My six year old doesn't sleep through the night either...unless he is cuddled beside me! And, I've been looking for cute shoes lately with no luck!
    How are y'all holding up in the heat? Its pretty steamy down here!! The ac in my van has started going out! Bad timing!!
    By the way..I love your new blog background!

  4. Oh I know! Why couldn't carrots be chocolate flavored? Apples with carmel already added? I've about given up on cute shoes and I'm going for comfort. It's rediculous, I'm only 36.