Thursday, June 2, 2011

I've been Featured!

Well, my goodness!  What a sweet thing to be featured by Brenda on her lovely blog Cozy Little House.  Imagine my surprise when, taking a break from dusting, I logged onto my blog and found all the sweet comments and new followers!  You all have made my day {week, month, year...}

I must confess that the lovely yard that Brenda featured is not actually mine.  It belongs to La Caille, a beautiful restaurant in Sandy, Utah.  Alas, my own yard features flowers in serious need of pruning and two dogs that refuse to stop barking today.  Certainly not perfect, but full of potential. 

Nothing about my yard, home, or life is perfect, but I have lots of ideas (and several yard sale finds that are ready for some sprucing) so I would love it it you'll check back in when you have a chance.

Have a great day!


  1. Hello! I just discovered you through Brenda's Cozy Little House and wanted to drop in and see your place. :) I LOVE that wreath! I'm now following you and added you to my blog list. Hope you'll stop by and see me sometime! :)

  2. Welcome to Blogland! My favorite spot on the 'net!! xo,

  3. I found you from Brenda's too. So glad I did. Now I can continue to read your blog the right way, instead of backwards. Have a great day!