Thursday, June 23, 2011


Tuesday after school, C and I went to visit our friends at their blueberry farm.  Until I met this family, I didn't even know that blueberries grew in Missouri.  Strawberries, yes.  Blackberries, yes.  But blueberries?  Huh.

Lord help me, I have been missing out!  You know when you eat a blueberry muffin and you think, "Hmm, not bad?"  Well...fresh blueberries are more of a "Holy cow!  These are awesome!" experience.

Now, it might have had something to do with eating them straight off the bush, under the beautiful blue sky as puffy white clouds floated by.  But I've found that a little bowlful, eaten at my kitchen table tastes pretty awesome, too.

It was a lovely afternoon and as I drove C to school the next day he asked, "Can we go to M's house again today?" 

Alas, he's stuck with just mom for the rest of the week.  How can I compete with blueberry patches, super long snake skins, climbing trees, weeping willow tree/light saber battles, and blueberry parties in a treehouse?

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  1. No competiton Tricia, you're Mom! and the Driver!! xo,