Monday, June 13, 2011

New-ish Curtains.

I think I mentioned that we painted our living room a couple of months ago.  It went from a pale yellow to a warm tan (Sherwin Williams Ecru).  After we had painted, I had my helper (aka Dad) assist me in raising our curtain rods (i.e., I made him do it all by himself while I supervised!) by about three inches or so.  This little change made a big difference in the room (Thanks, Dad!) meant that my curtains looked like they were ready for a big flood.

I decided to add length with a pretty floral fabric band at the top...

...but I quickly tired of my "circus curtains."

I would love to have new curtains, perhaps a little something like these...
...but I'm working hard to make do with what I have.  With that in mind, here is my second alteration attempt this month.  I used my old curtains and some pretty fabric purchased over two years ago:

I think that I can live with these for awhile. 
I hope?

I'm so ready to move on to a new project...


  1. Check out the painter's drop cloths at Lowes/Home Depot. They make great, cheap curtains when you're looking for something neutral and Pottery Barnesque.

  2. I love the circus curtains and the new leaf pattern ones. Nice job!

  3. I always like curtains that have a band of contrasting fabric. I think it looks smart! I so need to get started on curtains. Nothing makes a room feel complete like window treatments!

  4. great job improvising on the curtains!! When I was looking for curtains and trying not to spend a lot I thought about buying shorter ones and adding fabric to them. But, my mom and I (mostly my mom) ended up making some. They turned out nice. I need to post a pic of them. Both of the curtains look great! I love the little bit of added color and pattern. I have a chair from peir 1 covered in the first fabric! Where did you get that? I love the colors in it!!
    thanks for checking up on me! I have been so busy with the kids this summer. I actually started a blog post a few days ago and just haven't had a chance to finish it.