Tuesday, January 17, 2012

What else?

Hello!  I disappeared for the weekend.  Did you notice?  I/we have been busy getting ready for the start of a new semester around here.  This semester marks the beginning of my fifth year of teaching for a local community college and Jason is set to teach an evening class at a different local college.  He's teaching Abnormal Psychology and I just wonder how often I'll be used as an example.  Hmmm.

What else?  No progress has been made in the dining room.  Well, that's not true.  On Saturday, I hung a shelf on the wall and left it there for about two hours.  It looked fine, but a bit more "country" than I want so I took it down and added it to the pile of junk stacked in the guest room.  I've spent the last three days trying to determine exactly what I want to put up instead, but no big ideas have emerged.  Well, actually 213 ideas have emerged but have since been tossed out.  I say I'm indecisive, but Jason says that I'm ______?  (A:  insane, B:  annoying, C:  abnormal, or D:  all of the above)

Look at that!  I just wrote the first question for his midterm!

What else?  In the last six days, I have dealt with a plumber, a dentist, a kindergarten teacher, and a mechanic.  Lovely.  My favorite was the mechanic because he gave me a new key fob-lock opener thingy for my car.  Now, with the push of a button, I can unlock or lock all of my doors and/or trunk.  Before today, I could unlock the driver's door and lock the passenger door--but not the other way around.  

I can live without a lot of little extras, but the key fob-lock opener thingy is truly awesome!  Now I just have to figure out a way to keep Jason from losing it.

What else?  Ummm.  I guess I'm done.  I'll be running to the library now to return two movies I haven't yet watched.  I say "no!" to over-due fees.  It may cost me the same amount in gas to go out of my way to return them, but by golly they'll be turned in on time. 

Plus, I'll get to unlock my car with my new toy!


  1. Look, I finally got through. I like the china cabinet. Can't believe that you have been doing the online classes for 5 years!!!

  2. I'm glad that the Blogger Authorities finally deemed you worthy of commenting. :) Thanks for the china cabinet love.

  3. Tricia I laughed out loud when I got to your question and the four answers. Hilarious.

    I am also addicted to my key fob. Once, when the battery was going low I had to stand almost next to the car to open the door... I was literally arms reach from the key lock and still I pressed that damn little button till it opened. HA!