Thursday, February 2, 2012

Just a Minute...

I have just a minute, today, to note that another week is almost over.  Can you believe it?  Where have I been?  What have I been doing? 
  • I've been daydreaming about new houses and/or remodeling after going to a "home builder's show" last Saturday.  Mind you, daydreaming is as far as it will go right now.
  • I've visited the family entertainment capital of Missouri (aka Branson) only to find that Yakov, the Oak Ridge Boys, and Andy Williams are all on vacation throughout the month of January (darn).
  • I've watched my kiddo swim with the fishes (and one cheetah) at a well-chlorinated resort pool.
  • I've acquired my 4th cold since September and have decided that this is definitely a sign that I need more fruits and vegetables in my diet.
  • It's February and that means that I have already fallen behind in my "Change-My-House-One-Room-At-A-Time" goals and me thinks it's time to get back to work!!!
  • But first I have to find space in the guest room for actual guests, get through this cold, volunteer tomorrow, take Connor to a birthday party tomorrow night, sign up for Cub Scouts on Saturday, watch the Super Bowl, work, work, work, do laundry, clean house, find another job, get busy on my 40 at Forty list...
I must become better organized. 
I must become more productive. 
I must fight the urge to go back to bed...

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