Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Party Girl.

I know a girl, a girl called Party...Party Girl.
I know she wants more than a party...Party Girl.
And she won't tell me her name, Oh no, Not me.

Does anyone else out there remember Party Girl by U2?
Did I just date myself?
Okay, so yes.  I'll admit it.
I spent the last part of the 80s and a good deal of the 90s adoring this band.
Is that uncool?  I would hate to be uncool.

Back in the day, Bono didn't have time to meet with the UN or various heads of state.
He and The Edge were busy coming up with awesome lyrics like...

I know a boy, a boy called Trash, Trash can.
I know he does all that he can, wham bam
And she won't tell me his name, oh no, not me...

And so now, at the ripe old age of 40, I find myself humming their little tune as I think about the fact that I have--not one, but two--parties to attend in the next four days. 

That's right.  I'm a party girl.
So what if the parties I'm talking about are actually a kindergarten Valentine's Party (delayed because of snow) and a little girl's birthday party?

I'll be there.  Holding Connor's juice box while he plays, maybe, but I'll be there.


When I was three, I thought the world revolved around me. 
I was wrong and so I sing along.
And if you dance, then dance with me...

Oh yeah.  I'm cool.

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