Friday, August 12, 2011

To Be or Not To Be?

It's been a bit quiet around here, hasn't it?  It seems like when my life gets busy, posting slows down.  Here is a little recap of the last few weeks:
  • C lost his first tooth on July 25th.  He worked really hard to keep it in because he was a bit scared to part with it, but finally--and with a little help from me--it came out.  Tooth Fairy Tina left a nice little treat.
  • On July 28th, we took C for his six-year-check up.  All went well and he didn't even need any shots.  Our pediatrician did shock us (Ha!) with the news that C isn't likely to be a giant:  He's 20th percentile for height and 9th percentile for weight.  Ah well.  At least he's healthy!
  • On July 29th, we went to the county fair to see the Imagination Movers.  They are great--really nice and talented--but the show was deafening!  If it had been half as loud, it still would have been too loud.  People were leaving within the first 10 minutes because the little kiddos couldn't stand it.  I just don't understand why concerts (especially for children) have to be so loud.
  • On August 1st, I went for an interview at my old office.  I didn't get the job because they need someone full time and I'm only able to commit to part time right now.
  • On August 7th, C lost his second tooth while eating a banana (of all things)!
  • On August 8th, we met C's kindergarten teacher.  She seems excited about the school year and we walked away feeling comfortable (always a nice thing). 
  • On August 10th, we went to Kansas City to do some looking, some shopping, and--most of all--to go to Worlds of Fun.  We were a little concerned because C has been notoriously nervous about carousels and the like, but at WOF, he acted like he had been riding them his whole life!  Planet Snoopy was a huge hit and he finally got to try cotton candy for the first time.  Not a bad day at all.
  • Now spending the night in a hotel, on the other hand, can be summed up in one word:  TERRIBLE!  C loved it, but he did not sleep and J did not  sleep and that means that I did not sleep.  We were very tired travelers on the way home.
  • It's good to be back, but this morning I went for another job interview with my former school system.  They called yesterday to ask me to come in to talk about a position that just opened up in my field.  The problem:  They really need a full-time person too. 
  • I feel ______?  The money and experience would be great.  The stress and travel time would stink.
We'll have to wait to see what happens...
I really dislike job interviews, but I really dislike the waiting to see if things will work out even more. 

Especially when I'm not sure whether or not I want them to work out...


  1. I know the feeling. I went to a job interview at the end of the school year at a near by school (well for us nearby-40 min drive). It was for a building aide position. I got the job but had to turn it down because it only paid $8/hour with no hope for an increase. My major in college was horticulture, but I don't really want a manual labor job that pays bad too :) So...I decided to get my substituite teaching license. Now I wait 6-8 weeks for it to arrive! It cost $50 for a background check, $39 for the certificate app and another $10 for my transcript from K-State. I hope I get called once I get and turn in my certificate.

  2. Ethan has yet to lose a tooth! (He's 6 and in 1st grade!) They aren't even loose! I'm not rushing it though. I hate to see those sweet little baby teeth go! We were wiggling them tonight just to check and I told him to make sure those stayed in a little while longer! :)
    You have been busy lately! Good luck on your job hunt! God will open a door at just the right time! :)