Thursday, January 27, 2011

Top Five Reasons I Love Preschool.

Reason #5:  It gives me time to read blogs and drink coffee without interruption.

Reason #4:  It allows an opportunity to read today's emails from Overzealous Student #1 and Overzealous Student #2.  (Note:  If you happen to be an online student and you want to develop a good relationship with your instructor, please don't send five emails regarding the Final Exam during Week Two of the course.  I promise that this is a bad idea.)

Reason #3:  Preschool allows a person the chance to paint things that don't really need to be painted.

Reason #2:  It is really, really nice to have two hours a day during which I'm not asked to make any meal/snack and I'm not required to make sure that this meal/snack is actually eaten by a child rather than a sneaky dog.

Reason #1:  I love preschool because my kiddo has fun there and (almost) always comes home in a happy mood.

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