Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Everyday Pretty.

I was loading my dishwasher today when I was suddenly struck by how pretty these plates and bowls looked all lined up in a row.  Fortunately for you, I washed them before snapping a picture! 

Now, if I could just remember to take a picture while the sun was still up, perhaps my photography would improve...

1 comment:

  1. Love love love these plate and bowls. I have a lot of Fiestaware too. Now, you're probably thinking it's weird that someone is commenting on a post that you did months ago, but I have to tell you, I started at your most recent and am reading my way backwards. Reading your blog backwards makes it looks like you had a perfectly clean closet and then distroyed the room and threw everything on the floor and left it there. It also looks like we went from Spring to Winter. Anyway, I'm enjoying your blog and I'm your newest follower. Have a great day. Now, back to reading your blog.