Thursday, January 6, 2011

Someday Decorating: Master Closet Edition.

Let's play make-believe...

If I had extra money right now, here are some additional changes that I would make to our master closet.
I would look for a closet organizer along these lines:

I would look for a light fixture that would look better than what we have, but wouldn't call attention to our very-off-center closet light (I'm pretty sure that whoever installed our light fixtures was wearing a blindfold at the time).  Maybe something like this:
 I'd continue bathroom tile into the closet...something along these lines:
 Then, I would cozy it up with a pretty rug like this:
A hamper and some storage:
Sources: and
And, of course, some pretty wooden hangers:

And then I'd call it least for a little while!

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