Sunday, January 2, 2011

Master Closet (Re)beautification Project.

Soon...I will be starting a super-exciting, life-changing project:  Painting and organizing our master bedroom closet.  I'm pretty sure that it will look something like this when I'm done:


Okay. Maybe not exactly.

Why, you might wonder, would I choose to redo my closet when my entire house is screaming for attention? Well, I just really feel that my collection of beautiful clothing and shoes deserve a beautiful space in which to live. Or maybe because I already have the paint for it so it won't require any financial expenditure.

And as Martha would say, that's "a good thing."
And as George would say, it's time to "get 'er done."

I'm off to prep my work zone!


  1. I was going to be so pea green with envy. I'm sure your closet is still way bigger than mine though! I'm all over doing projects I already have the materials for. That's just smart thinking!

  2. I just wish that I found completing projects as much fun as buying new materials for projects!