Friday, October 28, 2011

Good Morning!  I went to bed thinking about the sympathy email I was going to write to my Dad about the Cardinal's loss...and then I got up to find that they had won the game!  That's what I get for going to bed early like an old lady!

C's first parent/teacher conference was...Awesome!  He's doing great and his teacher said that "everyone loves him."  Could a mom ask for anything more?  His "report card" indicates that he is doing everything at the "Satisfactory" (highest) level except "following directions the first time" and " working neatly and carefully."  Those areas are "Improving."

His teacher said that the reason that he sometimes doesn't follow directions the first time is because he's too busy talking and laughing and doesn't hear the direction.   What???   I cannot imagine.  (Haha!)   I'm just so thankful that everything is going so well for him.

C is out of school today and we are planning a trip to town.  C is hoping to eat some popcorn and I'm just hoping to get through the day without hearing "I'm bored" more than 245 times. Wish us luck!

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