Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Sewing and Sickness.

Okay.  I didn't clean my bathroom or go to the library yesterday, but I did buy groceries, straighten my house, and sew.  I sewed!  I sewed!  I sewed!  Can you see the silly thing I made? 

It is a bit crazy, but I just used fabrics that I already had and went with the craziness.

This is another Halloween craft I made the other day.  I love the colors, though I'm afraid my photos are a bit lacking!
This is my first attempt at making a table runner and I have to say that it was a lot of fun!  Do you think that this will keep us from piling things onto this table everyday? 

I have a "sick" child at home.  He was stuffy on Sunday and feverish last night, but now he seems fine.  What do you call this?  Is it Worry-the-parents-for-no-reason-Flu?  I was seriously tempted to send him to school this morning because he seems fine and I was hoping for a perfect attendance star (do they still do that?), but there are a million other illnesses floating around his school right now and I don't want a weakened immune system to invite any of those things home.

We've been doing "Home Kindergarten."  Apparently I am no where near as cool as his real teacher.  He's mad at me right now because I'm doing "Writer's Workshop" wrong. 

Grumpy child + A long day at home = Crazy Mama! 

Before I get back to teaching, I have to share one more thing (from The Scenic Route by Binnie Kirshenbaum).  It so fits me today:
"For me, cooking falls apart in the planning stage.  I'll go to the store to buy food for dinner and come back with fresh pasta, and Idaho potato, and a jar of orange marmalade."
I did almost the same thing yesterday, except I bought yogurt instead of marmalade.  I have spent the day trying to come up with a meal that will satisfy a slightly picky six-year-old, a super-picky husband, and me--a woman who enjoys food that has "taste."  Why is this such a chore every single day???  I have decided on spaghetti and meat sauce.  One third of the people in my house will enjoy this.  Can you guess which third?


  1. Seasonal allergies, maybe? Love the runner and yes, it will be a deterrent, I think. xo,

  2. I like your runner! Great job!!
    Hope your little one feels better soon!