Monday, October 3, 2011

My Monday Plan.

Good Morning!  How is your Monday going?  I have a list of things to do today and I thought I'd post them here to keep me motivated:
  1. Take my kiddo to school and try to get him to stop crying before he walks in the building. (We're doing better with this, but Mondays are still hard). (done!)
  2. Clean the fish bowl.
  3. Clean our bedroom.
  4. Clean our bathroom.
  5. Work on classes.
  6. Go to the library.
  7. Go to the grocery store.
  8. Straighten every room in our house!
  9. Enjoy the beautiful weather without turning into a sneezing, coughing mess.
  10. Sew something!
My day sounds exciting, doesn't it?  Try not to be too jealous!   : )


  1. I'd replace all the cleaning stuff with a nap!

  2. Your day sounds a lot like mine, I need to upload photos from two fun days I had Fri. and Sat. and do a post, I am running late with that, only change is replace fish bowl with two bird cages and no kiddies to take to/from school! Happy Fall! xo

  3. We had company this past weekend and so I killed myself cleaning the end of the week. I never want to clean again...until the next guests come :P Why is it that having people over motivates us so much, well I don't know about you I guess, but me! If nobody would clean before company we could all get over this unrealistic level of clean :)