Friday, May 13, 2011

Tail Tale.

Oh, I'm so disappointed because I wrote a big, long post yesterday before Blogger decided to go crazy and it's gone!  Not saved.  At all.  Not one word.  I finished writing it, hit "publish post" and received a message that Blogger was down.  And that was that.  Finally got back on just now and nothing was there.  Boo.

The main thing that I wanted to share was that C suddenly decided that he needed paper for a "now project."  I waited and waited to see what he was making.  Can you guess?  Me neither.

He made...
...a tail!  And not only that, but he made one for J and me, too, so that "everyone" in our house would have one.  We are so cool!

Don't you wish that you had a tail, too?  They're the newest thing for spring!


  1. He didn't make Gramps and me one, I am sooooooo sad!!!!

  2. Hot and just in time for summer. I think we'll see this on the next fashion reality show or on the Dos and Don'ts List... as a DO, of course.

  3. What a creative guy! I love to see a good imagination in a child!