Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I'm a Terrible Mother.

I just sent my son to school with a slightly runny nose! 
I've never done this before, but I was desperate.

He didn't go yesterday because he no longer goes on Mondays (long story) and he won't be going any other day this week because his preschool is closing for spring break...

And we just need a break from each other, some time apart to allow us to remember and miss all of the little things we love about one another.  : )

So, I sent him.
But, at least I pointed out the tissue box and trash can before I darted out the preschool door so that's good, right?

He is, actually, doing okay today with only minor sniffles.  No cough.  No fever.  No other signs of illness so I think that he is suffering from allergies--perhaps induced by the dog hair clinging to every single surface of our house no matter how much I vacuum or lint roller (yes, I used it as a verb).  I think it's time for Max-the-Dog to visit the beauty shop!

So, now I need to decide how to spend my two glorious hours of freedom.  Do I (a) continue with the painting project that I have already tired of; (b) go to Walmart--again--for more paint and other household items; (c) work on my classes--really, really need to do this; or (d) snuggle up on the couch with a novel and a cup of coffee?

We'll have to see...

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