Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Fighting Old Man Winter.

I don't know about you, but the transition to winter is always a bit tough for me.  It takes awhile for me to get used to the cold, the wind, the dull gray days.  I find myself wishing that I could hibernate until spring, but then, who would do all of the important stuff around here--Like fetching the after-school snack and remembering to remove the tissues from pants pockets before washing them?

So, today I'm daydreaming of some things that would make this whole winter thing a bit more comfortable.  How about a trip to...
Or maybe something smaller?  : )

Like hot chocolate?  I fell in love with Stephen's when we lived in Utah.  I haven't had it in years, but I'm sure that it would warm up a cold, gloomy winter day.
I love scarves!  I think that a cozy scarf can go a long way in making the school drop-off more bearable.  How about one of these lovelies from Etsy?
Etsy shops (l to r):  Desertblonde, GreenCouch, violasboutique, iWunder
When I'm home, I tend to turn on every light in my house.  The electric company loves me in the winter!  Does Seasonal Affective Disorder justify the purchase of some new lamps?
One last thing...I ALWAYS feel better when my toes are cozy and I know that I'm at least 15 years behind this trend, but suddenly boots like these are looking pretty fantastic to me:
I hope that we can all stay cozy this winter!  What makes your winter days happier?


  1. Tricia, I feel your pain. I am the same way. I LOVE the new scarf idea. Especially the green one. The new lamp idea is fantastic too. I have never purchased a pair of those Ugg boots either. They are looking pretty cozy though. Do you have to tuck your jeans in?? Today and tomorrow are supposed to be the 60's here. How about there?

  2. Jemm: I'm sorry to hear that you are a member of my Winter=Glum Group! I think that I'm definitely up for a new scarf, but the Uggs are out of my price range. Maybe the Walmart version? But not if I have to tuck my jeans into them because that would make me look like an Umpa Lumpa!!! The sun is out here and tomorrow is supposed to be lovely. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving! Tricia