Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Where was I?

Okay.  Where was I?  I'm sorry that I went missing.  First, there was the Holiday Open House.

Then my parents came to visit.  While they were here, there was a period of piano-taking-apart(are you still sore, Dad?), followed up by pumpkin-pie-eating and a lot of Aces-Bubble-Popper-playing on my Mom's Nook.  Oh, yes!  I was very productive (haha!).

Now, I'm in "the recovery stage."  : )
I feel like I need to catch my breath before the next phase of craziness begins.  My calendar looks something like this:
  • Today = C's last day of school this week
  • Tomorrow = Husband's birthday, flu mist for C, new shoes for C, etc.
  • Thursday = Thanksgiving
  • Friday = Christmas decorating day (C has already advised that I should get "a lot of rest" for that one)
  • December 1st = The Dark Day
  • December 8th = My mom's birthday
  • December 9th-December 24th = Classes end, grades are due, C is out of school, Christmas shopping takes place, making of many presents may or may not occur
  • December 25th = A little something called "Christmas"
  • December 28th = A little something called our 9th wedding anniversary
  • Throw in two more family birthdays to round out the year and then take a deep, deep breath.
Are you all ready for the holidays???  Are you gearing up for Black Friday???  I can't do it. 
One year, I accidentally went to Kohl's on that day (we needed to exchange J's birthday present) and I was absolutely horrified by the crowds!  I'm such a wimp!  : )

I hope that you are all having a great week!

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