Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween Hangover.

We did it! 
  • We halloweened for 8 straight hours (12:30-8:30)! 
  • C had a ton of fun (and a ton of candy).
  • We had our biggest group of trick-or-treaters EVER!
  • We said good-bye to $50 worth of candy and hello to healthy eating from now on (HaHa!)
  • And finally we (I) crawled to the couch and watched pointless television until I had enough energy to put on my pajamas and fall into bed. 
  • {Don't you just hate it when you are too tired to go to bed?}
  • And now, today is November and I am somehow shocked by this fact.  How did that happen?  Where did the time go? 
  • What will I do with this last month of my thirties? 
  • Only 30 more days of my thirties?!?  Oh my!!!  : (


  1. You will do just fine, trust me! I also hate feeling too tired to go to bed. Sounds like C. had a blast yesterday. lots of happy memories. xo

  2. Barbara: I know that I'll be fine. It just seems like a big milestone to me! Take care, Tricia