Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sunday Confession.


I'll be honest: 

Last night, I was too lazy to switch ALL of our clocks to Daylight Savings time.

I did switch one, though.
Can you guess which one?

I was hoping that C would take a look at his alarm clock this morning, see that it was 10 'til the crack of dawn, and go back to sleep...

But it didn't work.

So while the rest of the world * was enjoying an extra hour of snoozing...

I was up at 6:00 instead of 7:00 on a Sunday morning!

UGH!!!!!!!!!  I hate it when that happens...  : )

*(or at least those of you in the Central Standard Time Zone)


  1. Setting clocks forward or back is always tough on kiddos. Something always keeps me from getting my extra hour. Last was an earthquake! Did you feel it in MO?

  2. Finn too! Ugh. "Fall back" used to be my favorite weekend of the year when I actually got to sleep!

  3. I jumped off my couch like a crazy person Friday night, thinking it was Saturday night, to change clocks. I did all of my clocks except for the car. Maybe C. will feel like taking a little nap later on......:-) xo