Saturday, April 14, 2012

Our Saturday.

Today began early {because 7AM always feels earlier on Saturday mornings} with the usual Saturday-in-Springtime question:  Has Connor's soccer game already been cancelled or will we have to wait another hour to get the call?

We had to wait.  We had to shower, get dressed, force C to eat breakfast, force C to get dressed, gather up the snacks (it was our turn), drive to the field (through the rain & thunder), park in the crazy lot, and then find out that the game had been cancelled. 

Good times.

We decided to take a drive to Lebanon.  There's not much to do with a six-year-old in Lebanon, but we managed to hit one pawn shop {I waited in the car and read the newspaper}, one game store {I waited in the car and read a magazine}, ate a cheap lunch, and stopped at three antique stores / flea markets.  Sadly, I didn't find any treasures today.

The sun came out on the way home and we decided to take the scenic route.  Jason likes to take me on curvy, hilly roads because he thinks it's fun to watch my face turn green and to make me yell while going over hills too fast.  He's mean.

We nearly ran over a small turtle so...we decided to "rescue" it.  In a sand bucket.  Did you know that turtles can climb out of sand buckets?  Our very persistent turtle friend did not stop trying to get out of his container for one second of the 14 mile drive home.  I think that he was ticked off because Jason was driving too fast on the curvy, hilly roads. 

After looking around our front yard for a bit, Turtle is now sleeping under a bush in our flower bed.   I feel a little guilty about our turtle-napping, but I think it will be pretty happy once it figures out that there is a pond down the road.  Sure beats getting run down by a pickup truck on a curvy, hilly road...


  1. I feel sorry for his real family!!!

  2. Mom: I feel sorry for YOUR real family. Go pack something! Tricia