Monday, April 16, 2012

Cleaning Day.

I hereby declare today to be Cleaning Day.  Woot Woot. 
(Imagine me dancing like a pre-teen Disney star). 

I'm about as excited about it as I would be for a root canal, but the dust bunnies are holding a convention under our kitchen table, there are cobwebs hanging in every corner of every room, and there is mud (!) on more than one wall. 

The health department would surely cite me for several critical violations and an entire book of less severe, non-critical, violations, though I'm sure that they would approve of the nicely organized spice cabinet that I worked on for several hours on Friday.  You have to have priorities, right?

It's time to get busy.  I just hope that the bunnies don't gang up on me. 

Okay.  No more procrastination.  I have to get the kid to school, return some overdue library materials, and mail off our tax payment (What will the state of Missouri do with our $4.00?)before the cleaning fun can begin.  Perhaps, if I'm lucky, I can figure out a way to work in a trip to Walmart.

It's going to be a great day... (she said, sarcastically!)

Update:  It's 10:22 and I've cleaned one room.  The good news?  I found our missing phone wedged between the mattress and foot board.  The bad news?  While vacuuming our bedroom, I sucked up the cord to Jason's pillow speaker.  That's $21.20 worth of damage so far.  Yay me.

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