Friday, December 2, 2011


It has been a hard week at Our Happy Little Home.
  • My grandpa got sick last week and passed away on Saturday.  He was 90 and lived a good, long life.  He'll be missed very much.
  • Connor has had a double ear infection since last Friday and missed three days of school this week.
  • Yesterday was my grandpa's funeral.
  • It also happened to be my 40th birthday.
  • I am sicker than I have been in a long time.
  • Jason is sicker than he has been in a long time, too.
  • We're blaming Connor for sharing his germs with us.  : ]
It's been el stinko around here.  Sad, stressful, germ-infested, messy, crabby...

  • I slept six straight hours last night (from 9pm-3am) and that felt nice.
  • Connor didn't start coughing last night until 3 and then, after about 30 minutes, he stopped.  This is major progress!
  • I listened to CSPAN from 3-5am and learned all about the British media investigation and the candidates nominated by President Obama for positions with the Federal Communication Commission.  There really isn't much on at this time of the morning.  My choices came down to CSPAN, The Nanny, or an infomercial for The Shark vacuum cleaner and I thought CSPAN had the best likelihood of putting me to sleep...
  • I slept from 5-6:45am and when I woke up, I was able to swallow without too much effort so that was progress, too.
I have declared today my un-official birthday and I am going to spend it napping, ignoring my messy house, and reading when the mood strikes. 

So far, 40 feels a lot harder than 39, but I'm not going to give up on it just yet. 
It's bound to get better, right?


  1. HaPpY unBiRtHdAy!
    So sorry to hear about your difficult week...but life is bound to be better now!
    Enjoy your special (un)day!

  2. Oh Tricia, I am so sorry to hear about your granddad, and in spite of life getting in the way big time, a very happy birthday. I remember my 40th birthday as if it was yesterday ^o^ You can still party belatedly when everyone is feeling great. ((hugs)) xo

  3. So Sorry about your Grandfather. Grandparents are those that always see the light within you.
    Hope you feel better REAL soon.

  4. I am sorry I am just seeing this. I am so sorry for your loss Tricia. I pray you and your family are feeling better each day and are able to enjoy this season together. ((hugs))