Thursday, February 10, 2011


Just a few things to report today:
  1. Max the Dog is sick.  Like loads-of-money-to-the-vet sick.  He has an infection.  We hope that he feels better soon.  Or at least stops barfing.
  2. C is out of school today.  Again.
  3. J is not.  Again.
  4. Our entire house is a cluttered (and barfy) mess.
  5. The The Room That Refuses To Be Tamed  continues to challenge me, but my goal is to wrap things up today.  Did you hear that, room?  Today!
  6. It's difficult to get things moved to the garage and to make progress with my mountain of laundry when there is a barfy dog installed in the laundry room.
  7. It's -4 outside so it seems wrong to make him stay in the backyard.
  8. Yesterday, C decided that he wants to be a toy designer when he grows up.  We did a little research to see what he needs to do to make that happen and it looks like he'll be majoring in Mechanical Engineering and minoring in Art.  Once he has his big new job with Lego Incorporated, he's going to hire J and me as his assistants.  He'll pay us $10 a week.  $10 combined or $10 each--it's unclear at this time.  He did say that he'd pay health benefits so I think we're good to go.
Happy Thursday!

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