Monday, February 14, 2011

The Room That Refused to be Tamed.

Disclaimer:  The thing to remember about this re-organization project is that the goal was: A space that allows me to consistently work on crafty projects while also allowing for storage, office needs, guest sleeping potential and more.  An ancillary goal was to reduce the clutter that was driving me a bit batty.  So here are the "after" pictures, keeping in mind that the wall decor needs lots of tweaking.


Closet-left side

Closet-left side-top
Closet-right side

Closet-right side-top

Desk area

Craft storage

Unfinished projects--yes, I have a problem.

Sewing table

Fabric storage
  And there you have it.
A room of my own.

Last night, I caught Jason trying to store a space heater in there...

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