Monday, March 26, 2012

Hello Monday.

Today I'm saying...
  • Hello Monday!
  • Hello first Monday alone in three weeks (Connor was home two weeks ago for his Spring Break; Jason was home last week for his).
  • Hello BEAUTIFUL weather!  Seriously makes me want to break out in song, but that might compete with the beauty (and not in a good way).
  • Hello (and good-bye) to a giant spider who was found checking out my Betty Crocker Cookbook.  Charlotte has been relocated per our Spider-catch-and-release-Program.  Perhaps I'll let her back in if she's willing to cook dinner.
  • Hello 49-item To-Do list.  May I find the energy and motivation to tackle many items this week!
  • Hello to a book I'm reading called Simplicity Parenting.  I love that it describes children as being from "Planet Slow."  That is certainly true of my little one.
  • Hello to making an effort to slow down with my child instead of constantly rushing him.
  • Hello to time spent blowing bubbles, drawing Rainbow Villages with sidewalk chalk, and playing catch outside every day this week!
Happy Monday!

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