Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Crafty Christmas Crisis

I had big plans.  Oh, yes I did.
I was going to make a Christmas gift for every single person I have ever met--and maybe even a few that I haven't.
I was going to be awesomely productive and, in the end, everyone would have been incredibly wowed--and dare I say inspired--by the beauty of my craftiness.


I've lost my crafty mojo. 
It's gone. 
Mojo has left the building.


I'm hoping that my mojo just went outside for some fresh air because if it doesn't make a reappearance every single person I have ever met --and maybe even a few that I haven't--are getting construction paper Christmas tree ornaments with a modest amount of glitter bedazzling and preschooler-designed marker work.  (Man, I hope I spelled bedazzling right.)

Do you think that the act of buying more craft supplies will bring the mojo back?  What should I buy?

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