Thursday, September 30, 2010

Random Tidbits for your Reading Enjoyment

Subtitle:  My Head is Stuffed with Cotton and I can't Think Clearly
  1. Ragweed.  It's attacking my head and I'm losing the battle.
  2. Or maybe it's dog hair.
  3. I think Kelly Ripa was so much prettier when she first started doing the Regis show. 
  4. Now she looks rather skeletal.
  5. I think it's pathetic to contemplate going back to bed at 9:14 AM.
  6. I'm going to do it anyway.
  7. I got my hair cut yesterday and it appears that the front and back of my head no longer match.
  8. Maybe it's because of all the cotton.
  9. Or maybe it's dog hair.
  10. I'm done now.  You may go about your previously scheduled business or move about the cabin or some such...
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  1. Your dad especially liked the I'm done now!! We attended a play in Coronada called "Smoke on the Mountain", their was a character in it that he wanted to bring home to Iowa, that was one of her big lines. I'M DONE NOW!!!